Your new bathroom is now available on finance and with a wide range of options, whether you want to make it all that more affordable or push the boat out that bit further and get the bathroom of your dreams, it's all possible.


For example, an £8,000 bathroom can be achieved as follows:

Deposit = £4,000 then pay the balance over 12 or 24 months 0% interest.

So £333 per month over 12 months or £166 over 24 months.


Apply this same calculation to any quote - the initial cash deposit will be 50% in all cases.


If you would like to make lower payments and spread the cost over a period between 2-10 years then please note this option is not interest-free, 11.9% REPRESETNATIVE APR.

Please use this calculator.


Found out more by watching this video on how our finance partner, Tradehelp, will handle your application:


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