Bathroom Finance, Should I?

Thursday, January 07, 2021

For the avoidance of doubt, this is not financial advice - it is just my opinion. but...


If you take out finance for a holiday or material item that loses its value fast, then that would not be considered a good investment and maybe even a bad debt, as it cannot be recovered only by paying back the loan in cash. Cash you will need to find from elsewhere.


If you use money to invest into something that will grow in value, then this is considered a good investment.


A new bathroom adds value to your home instantly. If that house goes up in value, so does your investment, at the same time you are clearing the loan down and also your mortgage. Should you sell your property and the market is buoyant, you should recover your bathroom finance amount (and some).


Rarely will a home improvement investment turn out to be a bad one, it could actually be considered a very strategic move for a savvy investor looking to move house in the next 2-5 years...


But investments aside, just making the project affordable is enough of a reason to consider this option.


For example, an £8,000 bathroom can be achieved as follows:


Deposit = £4,000 then pay the balance over 12 or 24 months 0% interest. So £333 per month over 12 months or £166 over 24 months. 


Apply this same calculation to any quote - the deposit will be 50% in all cases.


If you would like to make lower payments and spread the cost over a period between 2-10 years then please use this calculator, 9.9% REPRESETNATIVE APR.


When you click the link it will say "boiler finance" - the calculator still applies to our bathroom projects.


While each finance decision is personal and should be carefully considered, it can ultimately get you the bathroom you want without feeling like you are spending much at all, or enable you to push the boat out that little further to get the bathroom of your dreams.


PS - 

Our finance partner is a company called Trade Help, who facilitate our finance packages.



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