Bathroom Lead in times, Why Such A Long Wait?

Saturday, June 19, 2021


All good things come to those who wait. Remember that ? Guinness advert... Well, waiting an extra 30 seconds for a pint seems a much better situation than waiting 4-6 months for a bathroom.


Thing is, a bad pint you will get over much faster than you will get over a bad bathroom experience.


So here lies the dilemma, and one to navigate carefully. Emotions and excitement will cloud judgement while you really want something right now, but now is not the time to let those emotions take over, this is a big financial and time investment you are about to make.


For heavens sake don’t rush it.


Good and reputable tradesmen are booked up well in advance, all of them. Skilled people at the top of their game are not available any time soon, it’s as simple as that. It’s always been like that but this is now be exasperated In the post COVID world while supply chains are under huge stress due to pent up demand, prices are shooting up, labour is expensive and in very short supply.


This is a mixture of circumstances that do not favour you right now, but you can still win, just by being patient.



The bathroom industry has problems of its own since before Covid, it has been brewing up a storm for years with a skills gap, ageing workforce and all time high demand for expert fitters. This is starting to make cheap quotes from not so professional installers seem more appealing as they are available sooner and making promises your ears like the sound of, very few of those promises will be kept though.


We know this as fact, we take several calls each week from the public asking us to rescue their project as they have been let down last minute, or sometimes installers have just left the job. It is really frustrating for a number of reasons (we do not rescue projects in distress). These people do not deserve this but they have also clearly been led by false promises and let emotions drive there actions in the journey leading up to starting the project.


They probably did not listen to their gut and more than likely did not carry out proper due diligence. But most importantly and the fatal blow is, they could not be patient.


Don’t be one of them.



Blog by Aaron Dronsfield

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