Single Family bathroom, Handforth, Cheshire

Mrs Sherburn contacted us online to get a quote for her bathroom. We carried out our initial visit soon after.

At our meeting, she was concerned that only having the one toilet in the house would cause huge inconvenience to the family during the project, we assured Mrs Sherburn that we always leave a toilet operational at the end of each day.

Mrs Sherburn is very house proud and deeply concerned about such a project, she wanted to know how her home would be protected. We use plastic stick down sheeting that stays in situ from start to finish, offering maximum protection to floors. Our installers clean up every night and everything is kept as tidy as possible.

Another concern was the bathroom is directly above her brand new (and expensive) kitchen, any chance of a leak just had to be eradicated. Which it was.

After the initial concerns were put to bed, we moved into discussions on the design, she was undecided if she should go for a Wetroom or stick to a standard solid tray.

Mrs Sherburn was sure she wanted to get rid of the bath and wanted the lowest maintenance possible, so our initial advice was to stay away from a Wetroom tray if low maintenance is a must.

Advice - Wetroom trays: Wetroom trays look great in showrooms and brochures but in a high traffic family bathroom, my opinion is that unless you are 100% committed to the maintenance of it – don’t do it.

If a Wetroom tray is not maintained and falls into a poor state, it is not always possible to save it, the tanking system underneath is embedded into the structure of the room underneath the tiles and re-grouting or retiling could breech the system. If the thought of a white tray is just as unbearable, there are plenty of attractive coloured solid trays on the market so look here first, always seek the advice from an expert.

In the end we decided a solid tray was the right way to go. With the toilet & vanity being white it made sense to keep the tray white on this occasion.

3D image Floor plan

After our initial visit & design, Mrs Sherburn visited us at our studio in Wilmslow to review her design & pick her tiles and flooring. She went with the same tile on the floors and the walls, I think this is a great look and where possible.

When it comes to tiles, large format tiles are now the norm, smaller ceramic tiles are less appealing to most due to the amount of grout lines.

The final specification:

We produced a design based on the initial outline specification:

• Full rip out and reboard of the whole room
• Full tile – same tile throughout
• Under-floor heating
• Remove bath & install walk in shower
• Exposed shower valve with drench head & hand held head
• New suite inc, toilet, vanity, towel rail, LED mirror cabinet
LED lighting to ceiling & silent ventilation

Projects of this spec in a standard and amount of building work average around £8000, a smaller bathroom or en-suite would be around £5-7000, a larger room with a great spec allow £9-13000. These are just guides and you will need a quote to know for sure.

Once we know your requirements, we can put your exact tiles and products into a 3D design, see below what we were able to produce for Mrs Sherburn.

Advice - Tiles or Wall Panels? Large format tiles are becoming more and more popular, fewer grout lines. Shower panels are discussed frequently as they appeal for the same reason - less chance of failure. In the end, it comes down to budget and taste, discuss this with an expert for the best outcome.

A properly installed tile installation is more than able to last the long term. The DIY revolution has give the nation a phobia of tiles, this is because now there are so many badly installed bathrooms, people have moved into new homes and inherited cheaply installed or DIY installed bathrooms, so now people have started to think the products are to blame, this is simply not the case. Correct installation methods with quality materials will rarely fail you.

As part of this project, it was essential to be able to wash hair in the sink for Mrs Sherburn’s clients, so we installed a mini shower valve that could be thermostatically controlled next to the vanity basin unit, we like to find a solution for everything and everybody has their own requirements, so we are open to doing things out of the norm to get the result needed.

A project like this will take around 2 weeks, we say allow 10-12 working days as a guide.

This is what it looked like when we had signed off the project.

Single Family bathroom, Handforth, Cheshire 1 Single Family bathroom, Handforth, Cheshire 2 Single Family bathroom, Handforth, Cheshire 3 Single Family bathroom, Handforth, Cheshire 4 Single Family bathroom, Handforth, Cheshire 5 Single Family bathroom, Handforth, Cheshire 6

On completion we sent out our warranty certificate and asked Mrs Sherbrn for her thoughts on everything, she took to social media to let the world know about her new bathroom, this is what she said:

"We have a small bathroom and no extra toilet in our house this worried us but every day the fitter put our toilet back in. It took just two weeks to fit and the finish is beautiful and we now have a spa like bathroom. Tiles are beautiful."

The team care deeply about the outcome of our projects and these comments mean so much.

You can find this review on our facebook page.

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